IELTS ライティングテスト #19 例題 (Athletes, Role Models)


People everywhere like watching sports. Many top athletes are admiredjthroughout their countries, and some even have fans alljaround the world. Young people especially, view many athletes as role models and want to emulate the way these starsjdress, act and live their lives. While somejathletes aren’t deserving of their “role model” status, othersjact like role models and responsible community citizens.

Top athletes get the attention of young people. Most childrenjand teenagers like to follow professionaljsports. For many of them, star athletes representjheroes, and children want to be like their heroes. This means they will want to playjsports, which is good for their health. Playing sportsjalso teaches valuable life lessons suchjas teamwork, discipline, goal setting, and the realities of dealing with success andjfailure. Professional athletes demonstrate thejimportance of working hard to achieve a goal, orjpracticing regularly to become good at something. This is a good example forjchildren to follow.

However, professional athletes are not alwaysjgood role models. For one thing, when youngjathletes reach a level of fame, it comes with mediajattention, large financial benefits and social attention. This can lead children to believejthat money and fame are an important partjof sports. Children might focus more on thesejaspects than on the fun of the game or on the challenge of learning how to play well. Then there arejthose athletes who behave badly. For example, somejcheat to win their games or take drugs tojimprove their performance. This kind of behaviour sends the wrong messagejto children.

Athletes are peoplejwho are held at a lofty place in the society owing to theirjpopularity and wealth. These attributes are what makes people want to look up to them and modeljvarious facets of their lives along thosejof the athletes. We can thus be led to conclude that professionaljathletes can be very good role models for children, as long as they focus on the positive aspects of playing sports.




しかし、プロスポーツ選手は常に良いロールモデルではありません。 1つは、若手選手が名声に達すると、メディアの注目、大きな財政的利益、社会的関心があることです。これは、お金と名声がスポーツの重要な部分であると子供に信じさせることができます。子供たちは、ゲームの楽しさや、うまく遊ぶ方法を学ぶことの挑戦よりも、これらの面にもっと集中できます。そして、ひどく振る舞う運動選手がいます。たとえば、ゲームを勝ち抜いたり、パフォーマンスを向上させるために薬を飲んだりすることができます。この種の振る舞いは子供たちに間違ったメッセージを送ります。