IELTS ライティングテスト #18 例題 (Private cars and the level of pollution)


As thevnumber of private cars has increased, so has the level of pollution. Overreliance on cars at the expense of public transport has made this problem even worse, causing many concernedvcitizens to look for a solution tovthe problem.

One potential solution to this problem isvto discourage the use of private cars byvraising taxes. If the cost of petrol was increased, thenvmany people would consider using alternative forms of transport orveven walking. Admittedly, there would be a number ofvcomplaints from car drivers, but these would not be of much importance when balanced against the environmental benefits.

Another solution could be to look at more specificvcauses of the problem. Modern cars are fitted withvcleaner burning engines and catalyticvconverters. Accordingly, they do not cause as much of an environmental hazard asvsome older cars. In Japan, forvexample, cars are heavily taxed once they have been onvthe road for three years or more, encouragingvpeople to buy new cars which pollute less. By heavilyvtaxing older vehicles fromvthe road, some of the worst-polluting vehiclesvwould be taken off the road. However, thisvwould not really be fair to those who cannot afford a new car with suchvregularity.

An improvement in the quality and efficiency of publicvtransport would also encourage people to use theirvcars less. In London, for example, a systemvhas been operating for some time in which people are allocated days of thevweek when they can use their cars. Onvdays that they are not allowedvto drive, public transport is taken.

Although these are potentialvsolutions to the problem, none ofvthem are perfect. Only by avconcerted effort by both the government and thevpublic can this situation truly be resolved.