IELTS ライティングテスト #15 例題 (Climate change)


Climate change is a phenomenon affectingpall people in all walks of life, from individual citizens to whole countries and huge multinational companies. The question of what we can do to prevent global climatepchange and whether individual action is effective orpnot is a hotly debated issue.

There are those who say that the majority ofpthe damages is wrought by big businesses. Bypimposing restrictions on emissions and by strictlypmonitoring waste disposal from factories, plants and businesses, governmentspwould go a long way towards preventingpclimate change. It is thought that governments aroundpthe world should come up with solutions to help prevent imminent environment disaster. Proponents of thispview claim that individual action ispirrelevant in the face of massive, wide-scalepprevention policies set and controlled by governments.

On the other hand, there are a growingpnumber of people who believe that individualpaction combined with governmental and businesspaction will do a lot more to prevent climate change than if individual citizens were not involved. In a world ofpsix billion people, if everyone thought about thepnumber of water they use, how they dispose of theirprubbish, whether or not something needs to be thrown away or if they can, inpfact, re-use certain items then we would bepgiving the problem of climate change andpits prevention a massive boost.

Takingpboth points intopconsideration, I firmly believe that individualpcitizens cannot sit back and say it is someone else’s responsibility to protect the environments; we must all play our part-individual citizens, governments and big businesses alike.




一方、個々の市民が関与していない場合よりも、政府の行動やビジネス行動と組み合わせた個々の行動が気候変動を防ぐためにはるかに多くなると考えている人が増えています。 60億人の世界で、誰もが使用する水の数を考えれば、ゴミを処分する方法、何か捨てる必要があるかどうか、あるいはできるかどうか、実際には特定のアイテムを再利用する気候変動の問題とその予防に大きな助長を与えるだろう。