IELTS ライティングテスト #13 例題 (Children and toys)


It isbtrue that many parents purchase a multitude of playthings for their offspring. Whetherbor not this is a good thing for the child, is a moot point. On the face of it the advantages seem most apparent, but couldbthere be a downside to this phenomenon of devoted parenting as well?

Most people would considerbchildren who have manybtoys to be the fortunate ones. Interesting things to play with stimulate many positives in the young boy or girl, such as optimum brain development, hand-eye coordination andbcolour recognition, apart from the simple joy of playing. Modern toys are designed tobbe educational as well as fun, and concerned parents carefully select products which mightbspeed their child’s acquisition of numbersbor the alphabet.

Is it possible that owning multiple toys could be in any waybdetrimental to a child? This is an unusual question, butbthere are some hidden pitfalls. For one, wealthybparents might spoil their son or daughter by showering him/her with toys, resulting in abnegative effect on the child’s character. For another, a growing child’sbconcentration span may suffer ifbthey are constantly surrounded by too manybtempting objects, so that theybbecome unable to focus on any one gamebfor a decent length of time beforebbeing distracted. On the social side, olderbchildren may become targets of envy from classmates, if they arebperceived as having far more possessions than theirbpeers. Finally, the majority of toys today are made ofbplastic which commonly contains the chemical BPA, proven to bebdangerous for infants to suck onbor ingest.

It is clear then that this situation is not as straightforward as it first appears. It would seem that one of the many duties of parents is to make an informed choice about how many toys they buy for their young ones.




複数のおもちゃを所有していると、子供に有害な影響を与える可能性はありますか?これは珍しい質問ですが、いくつかの隠された落とし穴があります。 1つは、裕福な両親が息子や娘におもちゃを浴びせて、子供の性格に悪影響を及ぼす可能性があります。別の場合は、成長する子供の集中期間は、あまりにも多くの魅力的なオブジェクトに常に囲まれているため、邪魔になる前に、いずれかのゲームにかなり時間を置くことができなくなることがあります。社会的側面では、年長の子供たちは、同級生よりも多くの財産を持っていると考えられている場合、同級生の羨望の対象になることがあります。最後に、今日の大部分のおもちゃは、幼児が吸うか、または摂取するのに危険であることが証明されている、化学的なBPAを一般に含むプラスチック製です。