IELTS ライティングテスト #12 例題 (Celebrities)


Being famous should not meanrthat you give uprall right to a private. Although a lot depends on the reason why a person is famous, everyone should be able to enjoy a certain amount of privacy.

I believe it is usefulrto draw a distinction between those who have sought arcareer in the public eye and those who have not.rProminent performers in film, television and music, for example, have clear chosen a career path thatrpotentially leads to fame. In fact, for manyrof them, becoming as widely known as possible is a keyrambition. Since they have invited the public to focus their attention on them, they should not be too surprised torfind that people are interested in gossipror scandal about their private lives. Publicrattention is not something that you can turn on and off atrwill. Having said that, even those whorseek fame still deserve the protection of therlaw and the media should be prevented from harassing them.

Other public figures, on the other hand, have not chosenrto be famous. Members of royal families are bornrinto fame, as are the children of celebrities. Ordinary peoplerin the news often become well-known through no fault of their own. It is myropinion that the media have no right torintrude into these people’s private lives. I would evenrgo so far as to say that I support an extension of the law torguarantee their privacy. The media should berprevented from reporting on things thatrshould be private matters.

As the media continue to become morerand more powerful in our society, so the questionrof privacy becomes more important. Everyonerdeserves a private life, although perhaps some deserve it more than others.