IELTS ライティングテスト #11 例題 (The Internet)


Usingqthe Internet has become a normal partqof everyday life for many people. They use it to book airline tickets, or to access news about world events, or to follow the fortunes of their favourite football club. Millions of people across the world belong to social networking groups whereqthey keep in touch with their friends and if they live away from them, their family. In myqopinion these are all good ways toquse the Internet.

When it comes to finding out information there are someqvery good sites where it is possible toqcheck, for example, someone’s biographical detailsqor statistics about global warming. However, information from the Internet should be used withqcaution, because although there are manyqreliable sites, such as academic journals and well-knownqnewspapers, there are also unreliable ones, so it is important to check where informationqoriginates from before using it.

Some students use websites which offer ready-madeqassignments. This is not a good idea, even if you ignoreqthe fact that it is cheating, because suchqwebsites may contain factual errors or biased views. In a recent case, a student foundqherself in serious trouble when she submitted an essayqfrom one of these sites only to discover that itqwas about Austria, not Australia, but had an error in the title.

Nevertheless, it is nowadays possible for people all over the worldqto study or do business on an equal footing, in aqway that was unimaginable only aqfew years ago. On the whole I believe that the Internet is an excellent way bothqto communicate and to find information, as long as it isqused intelligently.